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Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Armour Companies provides an alternative to building or ordering large End Barn Doors for yourEnd Doors farm or home: The Superstructure End Barn Door. Typically End Barn Doors are built as a solid piece, on site or transported. The large, cumbersome, heavy lumber filled door panel then has to be unloaded or moved, positioned, lifted and hung into place. The installation can be costly for installing the heavy panel onto the barn or into position. 

Armour Companies at one time did exactly the process we have just described and it was always a difficult and labor intense project to complete. Because of our experience, we have developed a method of manufacturing and installing End Barn Doors ​without​ the hassle of hiring extra ​laborers ​ in order to handle the ​transportation​, loading and ​unloading​ ​the​ heavy pre constructed doors to the job site and then the installation of these pre built panels onto the barn ​itself.​ 

End Barn DoorsArmour now offers end barn door ​superstructures​

which are easily shipped, unloaded and installed onto the barn or stable, available in many sizes to accommodate the customers chosen opening sizes. 

After installation of the superstructures, the aluminum framing can then be filled ​with ​locally purchased 2" x 6" material tongue and groove lumber or other. Which can be installed at the job site, one board at a time until the door is filled. 

The process ​eliminates​ the need for heavy duty lifting devices or ​large​ labor crews to place the heavy lumber​ panel ​in place on to the overhead door tracks. 

Armour's ​Superstructure End Barn Doors​ have also proven helpful in securing a larger than ​normal​ opening by ​connecting​ various sized panels together after positioning them onto the overhead track. Once the panels are secured together they can "move" as one unit. Please view our website and review our products page under End Barn Door Superstructures. 

Are you ready for Spring?

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Crossbuck Single Swing Shutters

Are you ready for Spring? 

Get ready for spring with new stalls, sliding doors, grilles or partitions! Please check out our complete line of components at Armour is now offering Endura no rust, no rot Dutch Doors. Custom sizes are available, if replacing existing doors is necessary. Stall grilles made to your length and height for little to no additional cost. Buy 4 sliding stall doors and receive a Feeder Access Door (code: FAD) in a stall front grille FREE! Buy 4 or more doors and receive a FREE groomer box (code: GRM)! Not sure where to begin, call us, we can help! 800-876-7706 

Offers FAD and GRM valid through April 30, 2016

Aluminum Horse Stalls
Horse Stall Front

Horse Stables

User Friendly Horse Stalls

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

User Friendly Stall Components

Armour Companies has developed a user friendly approach to all it’s aluminum stall components and has pioneered the fully assembled components that are shipped to all it's customers and products arrive, ready to install!

Assembly of loose pieces, plastic washers, or insertion of bar/pickets IS NOT required upon arrival of ARMOUR products. To achieve a solidly welded stall front grill or partition divider, simply call or email the height and length of the space you are trying to fill and we will One Piece Weld the components you require for a simple, user friendly, installation. Armour pioneered the "exact length" option and will manufacture to the nearest eighth of an inch for the same low price as our standard component sizes. This is particularly helpful when installing your components since there is no need to add a board, to fill in a gap, or altering a standard size grille to a lesser length due to conflicting size openings. Armour Grilles feature concealed welds for a flawless appearance upon completion of their installation. The welded product is also prepared for installation with all pre-punched holes and necessary fasteners for installation into lumber construction barns.

Sliding and hinged doors also arrive fully assembled and require no time loss or confusing assembly instructions. The average door requires 16 fasteners to install and all products arrive with detailed instructions on installation. Sliding Stall Doors are made of heavy-gauge welded frames with lower lumber inserts. Armour offers over 85 different stall doors styles, from all lumber to fully ventilated. All doors have the option of a straight bar top, gossip top, spring loaded fold down panel or lift out removable section. All doors arrive with concealed welds for a clean, unmarred appearance. Sliding doors are reinforced both in the header area and down both sides for rigidity and strength. All lumber door panels have counter-sunk screw placements, so nothing protrudes into the stall area and the lumber front areas are free from fasteners as well. All lumber edges are surrounded with aluminum channel to prevent chewing or cribbing, and Dutch doors and gossip gates arrive with mitered cut corners.

So whether you are looking for sliding or hinged barn doors or stall grilles, when you purchase Armour Components there is no need to order installation hardware separately because ALL our components, for lumber installations, are furnished with the necessary mounting hardware such as trolleys, latches, hinges and fasteners. While browsing our website, keep in mind, prices include hardware and no "add-on" are necessary. Call Armour Today!

The month of July is EXPLODING with HOT DEALS

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The month of July is EXPLODING with HOT DEALS!! 

Groomer Box
Armour is offering a free Grooming Tote Box with any stall door purchase of 6 or more. MENTION CODE: GRMBOX 

For any stall door & stall front grille purchase of 8 or more, Armour will give you one free Feeder Access Door built into a stall front grille. MENTION CODE: SFFAD

For past customers, who have a standard bar top stall door and wished they had ordered their stall doors with a "Fold Down" option so their horse could hang its head out.... we have a deal for you!! Armour has a Standard Stall Door Conversion Kit which allows you to remove the center stall bars in your door and replace with Armour's Conversion Lift Out Panel!! Price with FREE Shipping is $125.00 each. MENTION CODE: CONVERT 

Looking for Double Dutch Doors? Consider a NEW Endura Panel Dutch Door! Guaranteed not to split, impervious to water, mold, mildew and WILL NOT warp, rot or split! Order yours today and receive a free Hook & Eye Set with each door ordered. MENTION CODE: HKEYE

Endura Panels are now also available in Half Dutch Gates, Sliding Stall Doors and Hinged Gossip Gates with the new long lasting, No Rot, Endura-panels. Endura-panels are combined with Armour's standard Aluminum NO RUST door and gate frames featuring a complete line of standard sizes available and Custom sizes also upon request. Endura-panels arrive white in color and do not require paint or stain. 100% Acrylic Latex or Acrylic Latex with Polyurethane additives can be used to apply color to Endura-panels if custom color is desired. Whether New Construction or Renovations to your existing structures, your choices are expanded. Doors that DO NOT RUST or ROT! Check out Armour's complete line of Endura-panel door designs ranging from the traditional Crossbuck or Tongue & Groove Fascia to Armour's very own NEW Diamond, Chevron or Crossbuck See-thru doors designs. Armour offers a door style to fit every barn or stable need!

Refer a friend to Armour Products and when they order 4 sliding stall doors or more and provide us with your address at time of placing the order, you will get your very own Grooming Tote Box. MENTION CODE: REFER

OFFERS VALID 7/9-7/31/14

Special THANKS to all those who are currently serving in our military and those who have previously served! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Spring Special

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Spring Special

4 Aluminum Stall Bailey Package!


Bailey Package

Product Code: BAILEYPKG


  • 4 SDSO Aluminum Sliding Stall Door Superstructures
    • Fully Welded Door Frame Assembly
    • Bar Top with 1” Pickets and a 3” Between Bar Spacing on Top 4’0”
    • Load Lumber from Bottom (lumber not included)
    • Bottom Cap Channel 
    • Door Size is 4’3-1/2” Wide x 8’0” Height
  • 4 Door Hardware Kits 
    • One 8’0” Galvanized Round Track per door
    • Two Neoprene Ball Bearing Trolleys per door
    • Two Aluminum Stops per door
    • One Zinc Plated Super Latch per door
    • One Adjustable Wall Mount Stay Roller per door 
  • 4 L Series Aluminum Stall Front Grilles with Feeder Access Door Built In
    • 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” ANGLE on Top and Bottom Horizontals with 1” Pickets and a 3” Between Bar Spacing
    • 7’0”, 7'1", 7'3", 7'5", 8'0" Width (your choice of width size) x 4’0” Height
    • Pre-Drilled with Fasteners for lumber installation 
    • No Lumber in Lower 4’0” of Stall Wall

Shipped to your farm or residence for $2,924.99*

 *(Price valid within the 48 continental United States, unloading or ferry services not included, price valid till April 1, 2011)

Did you know:

  • Armour products are ALL Aluminum and DO NOT RUST.
  • Armour uses the highest quality materials on all products.
  • Armour conceals their welds for a clean appearance.
  • Armour uses schedule 40 or 1/8" thick material.
  • Armour offers standard 3” spacing between bars and 2” or 1” spacing on custom grill orders for additional cost.
  • Armour countersinks screws for a smooth lumber surface.
  • Armour miter cuts corners of shutters and Dutch doors for a “picture framed” appearance.
  • Armour can custom size doors and grills.
  • Armour manufactures FULL size products like 4'0” high grill sections and 8'0” high sliding doors, as well as, the "standard" 3'0” grills and 7'0" doors. 
  • Armour products promote ventilation due to their FULL size heights!
  • Armour products can replace your rusty iron or galvanized grilles of 29” or 33” height – custom size grills… No Problem!
  • Aluminum reflects light, so aluminum products will brighten up your barn!
  • No painting of Aluminum is EVER required!
  • Armour offers a full line of features that can be added to doors or grilles such as:  Hingeless, Latchless Feeder Access Doors, Lift Out Panels, and Spring Loaded Fold Down Doors.
  • Armour offers moisture drainage vents on all stall doors.
  • Armour products are FULLY ASSEMBLED - No rattling pieces!

Call us today!

Special Offer for December 1st -15th only

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Special Offer for December 1st -15th only!

All 3'0" tall grilles will be discounted to reduce our 2011 inventory. 

Call to order your 3'0" tall grilles today!! Mention code: ARMOURWEB to receive the discount. 

Also ask about our overstock odd size grilles, vent panels and shutters if you are looking for a good deal!! 

Don't hesitate and miss out on this great end of the year deal. Call toll free 800-876-7706 today!

Offer ends December 16th 2011

Sliding Stall Doors by Armour Companies

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sliding Stall Doors manufactured by Armour Companies have set the pace in the horse stall manufacturing industry for many years. Please allow us the opportunity to share with you some of the value of owning Armour Stall Components.


First, we’ve got exciting news! All sliding doors are manufactured with aluminum extrusions. “What is the value of purchasing aluminum stall components?” You might ask.  Aluminum does not rust! So this means more time doing what you enjoy, riding and caring for your horses, rather than maintaining or painting stall parts to keep the rust from ruining your barn! Also a non rusting stall product means no replacement in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Aluminum does not rust or break down. Not only are our products manufactured from a non rusting metal, when you receive them, they are assembled! “What do you mean by assembled?” You might ask. When you receive Armour products, you pull them off the shipping pallet and each product is a completely welded unit. We ship them to you that way!! So there are no tubes to be inserted into holes, no rubber grommets to install, no extra lumber to add to the top or sides of the doors, no channels to fasten. That’s exciting news for those of you who don’t like to put together monkey bar swing sets! We ship you a completed aluminum non rusting frame with or without the lumber in the door bottom. We even pre-drill the holes at the top for you to slide the rollers into, so you don’t have to!! Our doors take approximately 16-18 fasteners to install the entire door assembly, including its hardware, into your barn!!


The overall size of our sliding stall doors is of major importance since we realize our components are typically used to house a much larger animal, the equine. Armour’s Sliding Door height is standard, 8’, and width measures 4’3-1/2”. This door size is unique in the way that it overlaps a 4’0” width opening. By increasing the width of the stall door it also provides a means of insuring the door does not ever swing into the stall from its aligned and closed position. Armour can also accommodate custom size doors when special size requirements are necessary. Both door sides have a full length of vertical square tubing for added stability, strength and structural integrity. So please consider Armour stall doors do not require lumber pieces on the sides or top because we weld heavy gauge non rusting aluminum into its place! Each of these vertical reinforcements is securely welded to the adjacent door parts and the welds are concealed for aesthetic purposes, therefore providing you with a stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing stall door. 


Armour’s Door Top options are numerous. The different styles in which you can choose include a Lift-Out Panel, Spring Loaded Fold Down, Gossip Top, Herringbone, Lattice Top or our Standard Bar Top.  The Lift-Out Panel is a section of bars in the door top which is completely removable. A Spring Loaded Fold Down door has one bar in the door’s top, center, which is spring loaded thereby retracting the bar, a 2’ wide top section allows the horse to hang it’s head out into the aisle way. A Gossip Top allows a horse to hang its head over the top of the stall door at any time. The Herringbone and Lattice Top are aesthetic features on both the right and left side of the stall door and have no actual function accept to make the doors desirable to view. Our recommendation is to choose a Bar Top if you are simply looking at your purchase from a price perspective. The Bar Top Door is our standard base model. Choose a Lift Out Panel if you intend to leave the bar section open a majority of the time for the horse to hang its head out. Choose a Spring Loaded Fold Down if you plan to open the door top and retain the horses head from hanging in the aisle on a frequent or daily basis. A Gossip Top should be chosen if you never plan to retain the horse from hanging its head into the aisle way. If you are looking for something special to make your barn unique, consider our Herringbone or Lattice Top doors they can be integrated into doors with a Lift-Out Panel, Spring Loaded Fold Down Panel or our Standard Bar Top.


Not only can Armour’s doors be ordered in a wide assortment of Door Top styles but unique bottom fascias are available as well. Once again if price is your purchasing power than our SDSO model door is the best option. This door allows you to purchase your lumber locally and install it into the assembled door frame bottom. This is a great option when you are trying to match a specific stall lumber species or type. If installing your own lumber into the doors is not an option, then we recommend our Crossbuck Sliding Door. The Crossbuck Sliding Door arrives with the “X” design fascia lumber installed in the door. If the traditional “X” isn’t your style then consider our Tongue and Groove fascia lumber option.  We install 6” T&G lumber into the door bottom, so you don’t have to! Amongst our most popular with boarding facilities and veterinarian clinics are our Coolbreeze model doors which are equipped with 1” bars that have a 1” between bar spacing throughout the door’s bottom and reinforcement 2’ high from the bottom. The advantage to the Cool breeze door is that they allow air to flow in the lower 4’ of the stall and they are great for visibility into any stall. Miniatures benefit as well, when it is necessary to house them in a “standard” size stall configuration.  


Armour’s sliding doors are priced and shipped with all the necessary hardware for installation, so you don’t have any additional hardware kits to purchase. The sliding door hardware includes: a self cleaning, self aligning galvanized round overhead door track, heavy-duty, adjustable, ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum non rusting door stop, heavy duty, zinc plated Super Latch, adjustable door keep stay roller and fasteners for all hardware installation into a standard lumber construction barn. Doors arrive with predrilled trolley holes for easy “roller” installation. 


All sliding doors are manufactured with aluminum extrusions that do not rust. A non rusting stall product means less replacement and maintenance in the long run. Armour Sliding Stall Doors are finished, which means they are completely welded together when you receive them and all the hardware is included in the price we quote you! Doors can be ordered in a wide assortment of styles and custom sizes which will accommodate your preferences.


Our experienced staff is available, via toll free or email, to answer any questions you may have concerning our sliding doors or any other type component that may interest you.


Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Buy 4 or more SDSO model doors for $360 each! Price includes: Track, Trolleys, Stops, Latch, Stayroller, Standard Bar Top, Available in 7' or 8' High x 4'3-1/2" Wide OR Order a Combo Deal: 1 SDSO, 1 L4X7'6" Front Grille, & 1 L4X11'6" for $1,020.00 Sale Ends 6/30/13

All sliding doors and grilles are manufactured with aluminum extrusions that do not rust. A non rusting stall product requires less maintenance leaving more time for you to enjoy what means most to you! Armour Sliding Stall Doors and Grilles are finished, completely welded together, and arrive with all the necessary hardware for installation (into lumber barn construction). If the SDSO model door doesn't meet your need or you require a different size stall grille, Armour offers over 240 different combinations of doors and grilles can be made to the nearest 1/8". If you are unsure where to begin or are interested in renovating, give us a call and one of our experienced staff will be happy to assist you!!  800-876-7706 

Sizzling Summer Special Extended

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Armour has decided to extend their Sizzling Summer Special through September 30, 2012 which includes:

Armour's SDSO Non Rusting Aluminum Sliding Stall Door Superstructure is a Fully Welded Assembly with added vertical square tube for structural integrity and strength. The door arrives with a Standard Bar Top with 1” Pickets and a 3” Between Bar Spacing on Top 4’0” and the bottom 4'0" can be loaded with your choice of lumber. Door Size is 4’3-1/2” Wide  and can be ordered in 7'0" or 8’0” Height. Each stall package includes:  One 8’0” Galvanized Round Track, Two Neoprene Ball Bearing Trolleys, Two Aluminum Stops, One Zinc Plated Super Latch, One Adjustable Wall Mount Stay Roller
Also included in this extended special package deal is One Aluminum Non Rusting Dividing Partition and One Stall Front Grille with your choice of Feeder Access Door or Feeder Cut Out. Grilles are made with the same 1" picket material that are used in our stall door tops and arrive with the industry standard 3" between bar spacing. The Feeder Access Door is hingeless and latchless and opens the full height of the grille by 24" wide. The Feeder Cut Out is an 11" x 11" traditional feed hole. Grilles can be ordered in 3'0" or 4'0" heights and your choice of 5', 5'3", 5'7", 7', 7'3 widths for stall fronts and 9'6" or 11'6" widths for divider grilles. Divider Grilles also arrive with one set of Receiver/Header Channels which are placed above and below the stall partition for holding the horizontal lumber in place.   
So Just to RECAP... You get the assembled door, assembled stall front grille and assembled stall divider grille and ALL the hardware for one low price of $1,095.00. 
If you are building new, adding on or looking to renovate, please give us a call. Armour offers over 85 different door styles and offer standard, as well as custom sizes. Please give us a call before you buy!  

May News

Hudsen Smith - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why buy aluminum horse stalls over iron or galvanized metal stalls?


Want horse stalls that are built to outlast galvanized or steel stalls? Consider aluminum horse stalls by Armour Companies. Why aluminum stall components? Pound for pound aluminum is stronger than steel, it does not rust or corrode when it has been scratched, it does not require painting or powder coating like steel products! High quality aluminum products do not rust and are priced comparably to galvanized steel products and in some cases cost less. If you compare galvanized/iron stalls to aluminum components, the aluminum stall product actually cost much less over the long term because they will not need replacing like iron or galvanized products that begin to corrode once the protective coating is scratched or worn off.  Aluminum products can be used forever because of the metals unique non rust feature. Extruded channels which encase the lumber products not only protect horses from cribbing, but allow lumber to be removed which makes the frames and channels they are made of: Reusable! Extruded aluminum is stronger than factory bent components because the metal is heated and pushed through a die, much like a child’s Playdo set, when the metal is forced through the die and cooled, structurally the metal form is stronger due to the intense heating and cooling process. Factory bent aluminum is simply a flat shape pressed in a machine, without being heated. This process puts stress on the metal, therefore compromising its structural integrity.


So, if you are in the market for new stalls, or considering renovating an old barn, consider Armour Companies, when making your next investment! Armour will manufacture stall products of high grade, quality, non-rusting, aluminum.  Armour offers a complete line of standard size products and will manufactures custom sizes if necessary. Armour products arrive pre-drilled and ready for installation with the necessary hardware to install the product into a typical lumber barn. With Armour products THERE ARE NO: additional hardware kits to purchase, cutting or trimming to fit, loose or rattling pipes, no additional assembly. Armour Companies ships and delivers nationwide to your barn or residence a completely assembled high quality product! Call today 800-876-7706.

Receive 3% off any item in Armour’s Barn Accessories 


(special ends 5/30/12)


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