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Barn Door Super Structure

Crossbuck -Not Split- Sliding Doors

Hardware & Installation Info

Armour sets the industry standard with its innovative End Barn Door Superstructure. The Superstructure is available in many popular standard sizes or can be handcrafted to individual barn owner requirements. Manufacturing procedures enable owners and builders to install door frames without cranes or multi-man crews. Once positioned, leveled, and plumb, the Superstructure can be filled with locally cut and purchased 2" x 6" lumber (actual thickness of required lumber is 1-1/2").


When ordering Armour’s No Rust Superstructure, please specify the overall end barn opening. Armour custom sizes the door frames to accommodate your barn’s end opening measurements. Armour also offers an array of standard sizes, if one is in the planning stages of a new facility. The Superstructure is manufactured entirely from the highest quality mill finished aluminum extrusions and utilizes our unique concealed welding technique. The superstructure has reinforced vertical tubes for extra strength and durability with a unique channel system to receive any 1-1/2" thick lumber. A Finish-plate Cover caps the last top board loaded into frame, giving the end door a completed appearance.


Unique Frame to Avoid Heavy Lifting




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Include Lumber

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Add your own lumber
End barn doors

You Install Wood after door is in place, It's so easy!

Crossbuck Not Split Sliding Doors

Size: Two 4'3-1/2" width x 8'-0" height doors - Recommended Opening Measurement: 8'0"-8'3" width X 8'0" height

This door arrives completely assembled, no lumber to cut! All the necessary fasteners, hardware and lumber is included.

Heavy gauge non-rusting ALUMINUM is used throughout the door structure, except lumber. Full height 8'0" vertical, square tubing on both sides of door are added for rigidity and strength and reinforced header channels. All aluminum used is at least 1/8" quality thickness, no thin 1/16" material is used in the construction of this door. Concealed weldments are throughout door structure for the cleanest looking appearance in the stall manufacturing industry.

Lumber panels are surrounded and protected on all four edges of crossbuck lumber insert by channeling. Periodic maintenance, such as painting or staining is recommended. All counter sunk screw placements for a scratch free stall front wall.


These uniquely crafted stall doors are manufactured to fit over your 8'0" wide by 8'0"

high door opening and a 7-1/2" header above your 8'0" opening is necessary for the track to mount.

Not Split sliding crossbuck doors

Superstructures are shipped complete with all the necessary hardware

including the best rounded track, heavy-duty ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum

stops, bracings, and finish-plate covers. (See hardware detail on page 1.)

At Armour, providing a long lasting quality product to barn owners

and builders is of our highest concern. In the future if a board in the

Superstructure needs to be replaced, simply remove the unwanted and

insert a new like sized board in the door top. Minimal maintenance allows

more free time with horses.


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