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Estate & Driveway Gates

Estate and Driveway GatesEstate & Driveway Gates

Several attractive styles to choose from:

    Install your gates and fencing "professionally"

    Bolt-together construction

    No loose pieces to assemble


    Decorative scrolls available at minimal additional cost.

    Price includes: Spear Points, Hinging, Cane Bolts and Mounting Brackets. *


Gate Posts are furnished with hinge placements welded to both the Gate and the Vertical Posts that allow pivoting action. Simply install the furnished fasteners and tighten after alignment.


Fully Adjustable clevis units (four per double gate installation.) Easy to level and plumb, also allows adequate space off columns for Stone or other materials to be fastened to columns when posts are not necessary.


* Metal posts sold separately if required. Metal posts are a pair of either 8' or 9', 5" Square tubing, 1/8" wall with mounting angles affixed.

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Driveway & Estate Gates
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Driveway & Estate Gates
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