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Horse Gossip Gates

Gossip Gate Details






A great deal of labor goes into the preparation of Armour’s Gossip Gates

to provide each of our customers the added advantage of a trouble-free


Components are manufactured using Armour’s standard techniques:

concealed welds, capped posts, and moisture drainage vents.


In addition, each gate is squared before securing protective aluminum channels around lumber areas. To insure a proper trouble-free installation,

zinc-plated fasteners, 6˝ Tee-hinges and a slide bolt latch are ALL provided.


Horse Gossip gates

Gossip Gate Details

4´0˝ wide x 5´0˝ height


Gossip Gates are manufactured with two 5´0˝ height channel posts which are secured, at several points, to Armour’s unique triple-bar Zephyr Top.

The upper horizontal channel stands at a 4´0˝ height while the Zephyr Top

is approximately 12˝ higher bringing the overall door height to 5´0˝. Lumber

panels can be ordered in the popular Crossbuck, Horizontal or Vertical

Tongue & Groove. Lumber panels are layered, glued, fastened with countersunk

screws in the rear of gate fascias. If ventilation is a concern, try Armour’s

Coolbreeze gate with or without a Scuff-panel or a Taube Vent-a-Bar gate.


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Endura Tongue & Groove Gossip Gate

Product Code: EWTGGG3
  • $592.00
  • Additional Hardware - Stallion Guard*
    Yes $289Yes
    Additional Hardware - Hook & Eye Set*
    Hook & Eye Set (used to hold gate open) $5Hook & Eye Set (used to hold gate open)
    One Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Sets (used to hold gate open) $12
    No Thanks, I don't need a Hook & Eye Set
    Stainless Steel Hinges * (Zinc Plated Hinges are included.)
    Two (2) Stainless Steel Hinges $40
    No Thanks, I'll take the included Zinc Plated Hinges
Endura Tongue & Groove Gossip Gate
Endura Tongue & Groove Gossip GateEndura Tongue & Groove Gossip GateEndura Tongue & Groove Gossip GateEndura Tongue & Groove Gossip Gate

Endura Tongue & Groove Gossip Gate

T&G Endura Panel Zephyr-Top Gossip Gate 

Sizes: 48" width x 60" height

  • Completely Assembled.
  • Heavy gauge "non-rusting" ALUMINUM metal used throughout entire gate structure (except endura panel).
  • "Formed" Triple Bar Zephyr-Top on both sides and full width upper channel.
  • Full height vertical channel materials both sides of door for maximum strength.
  • Concealed "weldments" at Zephyr-Top to channel area underside.
  • Outside posts capped with ALUMINUM plates (concealed weldments also)
  • 6" "Zinc Plated" Tee-Hinges with all necessary fasteners included for installation.
  • *Stainless Steel Hinges and fasteners also available (additional cost)
  • "Zinc-Plated" Superlatch and latching receiver plates and hardware included with all gossip gates.

The Endura material is a dense PVC plastic product which is solid. Endura is not hollow and the material is not vinyl. The Endura panel is 1-1/2" thick.

Endura-panels have excellent insulation properties, impervious to water, mold, mildew and WILL NOT warp, rot or split... guaranteed! Armour offers products built with the Endura-panel material and NO RUST aluminum framing to create a product that will outlast traditional steel and lumber products. Standard and custom sizes are available upon request. Endura-panels arrive white in color and do not require paint or stain. 100% Acrylic Latex or Acrylic Latex with Polyurethane additives can be used to apply color to Endura-panels if color is desired.