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Horse Gossip Gates

Gossip Gate Details






A great deal of labor goes into the preparation of Armour’s Gossip Gates

to provide each of our customers the added advantage of a trouble-free


Components are manufactured using Armour’s standard techniques:

concealed welds, capped posts, and moisture drainage vents.


In addition, each gate is squared before securing protective aluminum channels around lumber areas. To insure a proper trouble-free installation,

zinc-plated fasteners, 6˝ Tee-hinges and a slide bolt latch are ALL provided.


Horse Gossip gates

Gossip Gate Details

4´0˝ wide x 5´0˝ height


Gossip Gates are manufactured with two 5´0˝ height channel posts which are secured, at several points, to Armour’s unique triple-bar Zephyr Top.

The upper horizontal channel stands at a 4´0˝ height while the Zephyr Top

is approximately 12˝ higher bringing the overall door height to 5´0˝. Lumber

panels can be ordered in the popular Crossbuck, Horizontal or Vertical

Tongue & Groove. Lumber panels are layered, glued, fastened with countersunk

screws in the rear of gate fascias. If ventilation is a concern, try Armour’s

Coolbreeze gate with or without a Scuff-panel or a Taube Vent-a-Bar gate.


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Three Quarter Coolbreeze Gate

Product Code: COOL34GG3
  • $509.00
  • Additional Hardware - Hook & Eye Set*
    Hook & Eye Set (used to hold gate open) $5Hook & Eye Set (used to hold gate open)
    One Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Sets (used to hold gate open) $12
    No Thanks, I don't need a Hook & Eye Set
    Stainless Steel Hinges * (Zinc Plated Hinges are included.)
    Two (2) Stainless Steel Hinges $40
    No Thanks, I'll take the included Zinc Plated Hinges
Three Quarter Coolbreeze Gate
Three Quarter Coolbreeze GateThree Quarter Coolbreeze GateThree Quarter Coolbreeze Gate

Three Quarter Coolbreeze Gossip Gate

Three Quarter Coolbreeze Gossip Zephyr-Top Gossip Gate 

Size: 48" width x 48" height

This Three Quarter Gossip Gate is perfect for special applications when you need less height in a gossip gate. Unlike our classic Coolbreeze Gossip Gate which features a full 48" bottom portion, this Three Quarter Gate features a 36" bottom portion. With the additional 12" triple bar zephyr style gossip top, it brings the total height to just 48".


The Three Quarter Coolbreeze Gossip Gate arrives fully assembled with 1" round pickets and a 1" between bar spacing. The gossip gate frame is assembled with two 48" height capped channel posts which are secured to the zephyr style top at several points. The triple bar zephyr style gossip top is 12" higher than the upper horizontal channel encompassing the lower 1" spaced Grille panel. Although the gate panel is completely welded as one piece, the appearance is weld free. Coolbreeze Gossip gates are fantastic for airflow and visibility. Two 6" Tee Hinges and one Super brand latch and all the installation fasteners for lumber are included with each gate purchased. The gate size is 48” wide x 48” height and a finished opening width of 48-1/2” width is required for installation.

  • 48" width x 48" height
  • Completely Assembled. Nothing to Put Together.
  • Heavy gauge "non-rusting" ALUMINUM metal used throughout entire gate structure
  • Increased air flow provides instant cooling and fresh air at all times.
  • Allows Owner to Easily See Inside Foals Stall
  • Ventilation as well as Socialization for Foals
  • Aluminum 1" Vertical round tubing.
  • 1" for Foal's or Mini's - Between Picket Spacing Throughout Grille
  • "Formed" Triple Bar Zephyr-Top on both sides and full width upper channel.
  • Full height vertical channel materials both sides of door for maximum strength
  • Concealed "weldments" at Zephyr-Top to channel area underside.
  • Outside posts capped with ALUMINUM plates (concealed weldments also)
  • Instant Ventilation to Air Bound Stalls
  • 6" "Zinc Plated" Tee-Hinges with all necessary fasteners included for lumber installation.
  • *Stainless Steel Hinges and fasteners also available (additional cost)
  • "Zinc-Plated" Superlatch and latching receiver plates and hardware included with all gossip gates.