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The Economy Package

Starting @ $697.00


Feeder Options

What's Included

Economy Package, Same Quality

Includes: 7' Sliding Door, Front Grille, Track, Trolleys, Stops, Latch, Stay Roller and More...


Please Note:


Include Lumber

A 11" x 11" opening in the stall front grille used to access horse feed bucket or bowl.

Option Cost $40

"EZ Lift" Feeder

The same 11" x 11" opening as the Cut Out Feeder Access but the EZ feature includes a "lift up, lower down" door for accessing the feeding container.

Option Cost $110

Feeder Access Door

The Hingeless, Latchless, "Built In" Feeder Access Door: Lift Up and Swing to Open, Lift Up and Lower to Close. The "built in" door is unnoticable at first glance and lends itself to giving your barn a continuous and uncluttered whole aisle appearance!

Option Cost $65

Lift Out Panel

A completely removable section of grille, within the stall front grille, that allows your horse to hang it's head into the aisle. It can be used to feed through as well!

Option Cost $90

What's Included?

These Stall Packages are special ensembles of Armour's most popular products.


Each package includes one of each of the items mentioned - to the right. Standard stall fronts are made up of two major components, the stall door and the stall grille.


Stall Doors and Stall Front Grilles can be ordered in two heights 7' or 8' and stall grilles have a Feeder Access Door option which allows for easy food distribution without entering the stall.



84" High Stall Front - Choose Size & Click Image
Multiple Sizes
Starting At $714.00
84" High Stall Front - Choose Size & Click Image
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