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Stall Divider Packages

Stall Package Overview

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Ventilation Has Never Been So Easy !

Includes: Dividing Partition Grille, Two Aluminum Receiver, Two Header Channels and Fasteners for Lumber Installation


C- Series - For Concrete


L- Series - For Lumber


Divider Packages

have a  3" spacing

between bars, standard.

Please Note:


Include Lumber

Two Aluminum Receiver Channels  & Four Aluminum Header Channels

Two 7-1/2" Header Channels hold the header in place above the divider grill and fasteners are included.

Two Receiver Channels:  Receiver Channels are two individual channels that are NOT welded or connected to the stall grill, but are separately mounted, below where you intend to place the stall grille. Receiver Channels mount vertically to the stall end posts and, once affixed, horizontal 1-1/2" lumber can be inserted into the Receiver Channels to construct the stall's front wall. Fasteners are included.

Armour offers any size divider grille with Receiver Channels for building your lower lumber stall dividing wall.


Receiver Channels are "u" shaped channels that are fastened vertically to the existing stall end post and door/front post.Once fastened into place, lumber can be inserted or loaded horizontally into channels to construct stall divider, back or end walls.

Slide lumber into “U˝ shaped channel to assist in building stall divider walls and

foaling stalls. Channels arrive with ventilation weep holes installed, fasteners and

predrilled mounting holes.


The 1.5 lag is the fastener included for installlation.

Starting @ $438.00

Stall Divider Package for 96" high Stall

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Stall Divider Package for 96" high Stall
Stall Divider Package for 96