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Horse Stalls  Horse stall front.

Horse stall grilles.  Horse stall grille

Horse stall fronts.  Ventilated horse stall doors and grilles

Horse stall door.  Ventilated horse stall front

In the words of Ms. Spencer of Bella Terra Farm in North Carolina: "Got shipment. Wow! Wow! Wow!" Those are words that really excite us here at Armour Companies, yes, it means, another satisfied customer! Ms. Spencer ordered Armour's Coolbreeze door with Herringbone and Fold Down Top. The fold down top is spring-loaded and with a pull of the center bar, a two foot wide section releases to allow the horse to hang their head out into the aisle. The Herringbone, dual, diagonal side bars, are simply aesthetic and add elegance to the barn. The lower portion of the stall doors are equipped with one inch bars and one inch between bar spacing for great visibility and lots of ventilation. Blanket bars were mounted on the stall fronts for quick access and storage. 

UPDATE from Ms. Spencer: "After a year of use I am still very impressed with quality of the Armour products. The sheen of the aluminum in the sunlight is breathtaking.  We are very happy with the stalls and accessories we purchased. Thank you again for such great products and superior service during our building process." - Ms. Spencer - Bella Terra Farm