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horse barn doors
horse stables
Cindy's 6 stall lumber barn is a standard installation with maximizing ventilation with the use of Coolbreeze Gossip Sliding Doors, front grilles, divider grilles and large side window grilles. Armour's unique gossip sliding door looks like a hinged gate without taking up space in the aisleway. The one inch spaced bars on the lower two feet of door allow air-flow throughout the lower portion of the stall. Ventilation is increased when paired with stall front bars and dividers grilles. All grilles arrive assembled and built to your specification with the lags for lumber installation.

Armour sliding doors arrive with the best round track for easy open and close. Ball-bearing trolleys assist in door glide and heavy duty stay rollers keep the doors snug to stall walls. Aluminum stops do not rust and keep stall doors on track as well as, provide a latch receiver. Armour's traditional slide bolt latch is 1/2" solid zinc plated steel and all hardware, including track and trolleys are included in stall door prices.

"They are just wonderful and make the barn look so neat and tidy...not to mention allowing the air to flow. Thanks again for such a quality product. I'm so glad I chose Armour Gates!" - Cindy