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Horse Stalls  Horse stall front.

Horse stall grilles.  ventilated horse stall front

Ms. Finan's four stall barn required a little renovation and her dream was to maximize ventilation in the existing barn. Coolbreeze Gossip Gates were chosen and centered in the middle of each stall front. Additional custom Coolbreeze Stall Panels were fabricated to install on either side of the stall gates. The highly ventilated stall fronts were paired with 4' tall Dividing Grilled Partitions to further air circulation. Grille tops have a standard 3" between bar spacing and 1" between bar spacing on top. Grilles are fabricated with 1" round bars and arrived assembled for a simple installation. If you have a custom barn project or renovation, give Armour a call 800-876-7706.

"Everything looks wonderful! I am so happy that I found your site and that I was blessed to speak with you directly the first time." - Thank you, Ms. Finan