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aluminum equine stalls  sliding stall doors

horse stall grates vent panels  aluminum grilles horse sliding doors

Miss Tonya desired to keep her horses as accessible to their natural environment as possible.  This meant free to roam the pasture and woods around the entire multi acre farm.  The barn was placed on the highest point of the land which received ocean-cross-winds.  Keeping the wind and other elements in mind, Tonya desired to give each equine their own unique dwelling. Stalls with maximum ventilation in addition to the equines own covered paddock area was chosen.  Centered sliding stall doors purchased with Spring Loaded Fold Down Panels allow the horses freedom to hang their heads at random.  Back sliding stall doors are left open to welcome pets to eat at their leisure while enjoying the continued ocean breeze. Tonya was fascinated with the smooth gliding round track and easy to use feeder access door built ! into each stall front.  Tonya explained, "I couldn't have imagined it would have looked this good!"  


Add-a-vent grilles made to specific stall front, back, dividing and end wall lengths add both a dramatic look and appeal to those desiring maximum ventilation.  Add-a-vents come in one or two inch between bar spacing, feature concealed welds, and come in standard 12" height.  Please note 6,8,10 and 24 inch Add-a-vents can be manufactured in some cases depending on length desired.