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Greystone Riding Academy Horse Stalls Coolbreeze with Scuff Panel stall doors

The owners of Greystone Riding Academy of Batavia, Illinois desired a stall front with the possibilities of visibility and ventilation. The Coolbreeze Door has round bars three quarters of the height of the door. The top half of the door has the ability for the horse to hang his/her head into the aisle through a 24" wide opening. The bars on the top half of the door have a 3" between bar spacing when the removable Lift Out Panel is installed. The lower quarter of the door has the same 1" round bars with a 1" between bar space. The lowest quarter of the door is equipped with lumber, which Muellner Construction installed, that matches the remaining stall front wall.

The stall front grilles which set above the lumber wall, provided by Muellner Construction, include a hidden Feeder Access Door which opens up 24" wide by 48" high: enough room to fit a bucket, scoop or hay slice through. Because the riding academy has a high volume of visitors, the Feeder Access Door is a great way for people to pet the horses or feed without entering each of the 25 stalls.

Divider partition Receiver Channels were used to construct stall walls, while Dividing and Window Grilles were used to divide between stalls and close window openings. All grilles are 3" between bar spacing and bars are 1". Chew Guards were used to line posts and extra lumber exposed areas.