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Miniature Gossip Sliding Doors Mini Sliding Gossip Doors Mini Horse Front Sliding Miniature Horse Doors Miniature Horse Stalls Miniature Sliding Doors Hawkinsbadge Miniature Horse Barn

Ms. Hawkinsbadge contacted Armour Companies in October 2011 with a wish of a sliding custom size miniature gate and that is exactly what she got! Ten of them in fact! Ms. Hawkinsbadge and Armour staff discussed in great deal the desire she wanted to achieve. As the pictures reflect the miniature stall doors are "downsized" versions of Armour's Gossip Sliding Door. The 27" lower lumber was installed to match the remaining stall lumber and an 8" tall Gossip Top was added to a full 72" high frame which allows the stall gate to slide on the overhead round track. Trolleys feature ball bearings which make for an easy "one hand" open and close.

If you are viewing the site and see something you'd like miniaturized for your barn, just let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your wish!