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Mrs. Koob called Armour regarding stall doors for her new concrete block 6 stall barn. She desired a stall component that could be easily washed and cleaned to accompany her washable concrete block. Mr. Koob and a carpenter friend mastered the installation of the components with a little instruction from experts in the Armour office. Divider grilles with a 2" spacing were ordered so that stall occupants had little room to bump noses, while the "front" components were fabricated with a standard 3" spacing (except door bottoms) to achieve maximum visualization from the aisle side. Front grilles also feature Armour's hinge-less, latch-less Feeder Access Door. The lower portion of the Coolbreeze Stall Door is assembled with a 1" bar spacing which increases ventilation, visualization while still being safe. If cleanliness and ventilation is of a concern in your barn, consider this type construction as well as stall components!

"The pictures really don't do the stalls justice. They are so nice. We could not be happier with our sliding doors and grilles...If you ever have a potential customer who wishes to talk directly to a very happy and satisfied customer I would be happy to...Again, thanks for all your patience with my phone calls and questions and for your great product." - Mrs. Koob