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Coolbreeze stall front Coolbreeze sliding door and stall front grille Custom Hinged Bar Gate Custom Hinged Bar Gate and Stall Window Grille Horse Stall Window Grille

Ms. Maler contacted Armour after completing a previous barn using Armour Components with a CBS Barn renovation. Armour worked directly with Mr. Wellons on this project to get the front grilles and divider partitions to the nearest 1/8" to secure an accurate fit. Custom Hinged Bar Gates were manufactured to custom requirements upon Dr. Maler's request. Stall grilles in the backs of the stall were also assembled with aluminum end posts. The stall front doors have 1" bars which have a 1" between bar spacing on the lower 48" of the door. Doors also feature a Spring Loaded Fold Down top which allows the stall occupant to hang their head and view the aisle. If you have a barn and would like to renovate the stalls, give Armour a call: 800-876-7706