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Horse Stall Front Horse Stall Divider Grilles Osceola County Therapeutic Equestrian Center - UCF Medical No rot crossbuck shutters Endura Crossbuck Shutters Hinged Crossbuck Endura Panel Shutters and Window Grilles Endura Shutters - impervious to water, mold, mildew and will not warp, rot or split. Horse stall front stall front Horse Stalls Riding center stalls

The Osceola County Therapeutic Equestrian Center featured Armour Companies Post Brackets which were sized to accommodate the 6" posts utilized in the building of the 14 stall complex.

The Post Brackets were especially useful because the center had a concrete aisle. The Post Brackets are manufactured with mounting holes prepared which allow the builder to place the vertical corner and door posts in the exact location required without any unnecessary concrete or carpentry work. The brackets were installed on the inner areas of each stall front onto the existing concrete apron at the required spacing for the door opening and the post for the adjacent stall by inserting concrete anchors into the floor half of the bracket and wood lags for the vertical post connections. Post Brackets were also used at the upper header areas for connecting as well.

Once the front and rear posts are secured with the brackets, installation of the horizontal lumber front walls, headers, and stall partition walls could be installed.

The sliding stall doors, stall front and divider partition grilles were made to custom length measurements for each opening. Each grille fit each stall opening precisely in conjunction with the measurement provided by the Project Manager. These procedures resulted in an uncluttered appearance as you can see!

In addition to the interior stalls, Armour manufactured the exterior Crossbuck Shutter which is assembled using Armour's Endura material which have excellent insulation properties, impervious to water, mold, mildew and will not warp, rot or split.