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Metal Exterior Barn, Lumber Interior Installation, Tongue & Groove Sliding Stall Door, Lumber Stall Fronts with Aluminum Stall Grills, 4'0" Ventilation Grills, Feeder Access Doors, Double Dutch Doors, Dutch Doors, Barn Doors, Hinged Gates, 8 Stall barn
Stall Front Grilles  sliding doors
stall gates  stall grills
barn double Dutch doors  Double Dutch Doors
"We moved 7 times with my job and during each move we either built a barn from scratch or had to work with and remodel what was already there. When
we moved to this new area (south Georgia) to build our new retirement barn I had 6 barns worth of mistakes, things that woked well or things we just wanted to add or do differently. I put together the drawings and found a builder who was experienced... He (the builder) and I were extremely pleased with the after sale info and support you povided. As you can see, we go thte stalls put in and I'm extremely happy with how ita all fit and is working today. I get constant compliments on my barn! Thanks again" - Cindy

The completed 9 stall barn has TGSD4 sliding stall doors, complete with hardware for installation. Each door lumber fascia has been stained to match her pre built stall front walls. Aluminum stall grills with feeder access doors were installed for easy access to the feeding areas of each stall. All exterior Dutch doors arrived with the lumber and hardware as well. The top and bottom panels of the exterior doors have "reversed fascia" so the "x" shows when the doors remain open. This "reverse" option is great for warmer climates, when doors will be left open a majority of the time. Ms. Pullen has also painted them white and green to match the barn exterior.