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sliding stall doors stall grilles

stall grilles

sliding barn doors


fold down stall front door
This Chuluota, Florida horse stall barn is a wonderful example of Armour’s Ultra 1000 Grille series with lumber interior. Ultra 1000 grilles are one inch round tubes spaced two inch on center for a one inch between bar spacing. The Senecal’s T&G stall doors with Spring Loaded Fold Down Panel, stall front grilles with feeder access doors and divider stall partitions all feature the Ultra 1000 grille series. Ultra grilles can be assembled to attach to lower concrete or lumber walls.

The Senecal’s were concerned with the horses being able to hang their heads into the aisle-way, so Armour’s Spring Loaded Fold Down Panel was the perfect solution. The spring loaded fold down panel has no latch, pin or chain. Simply, pull down on the center picket (bar) and release to drop down. This panel is lightweight and will give horses the freedom to browse aisle or be retained when necessary.

Warm Florida months made ventilation a top concern for the Senecal’s stable. As shown above, horse stalls are equipped with front and dividing partition grilles on three sides. These grilles at four feet in height, allow adequate air-flow unlike many 22”-36” stall grilles.