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Coolbreeze Sliding Doors with scuff-panels    Lift-out Panel stall front
End Barn Door Superstructures    Crossbuck Shutters  Crossbuck Shutters
 Crossbuck Shutters    Crossbuck Shutters  Lift-out Panel
 Lift-out Panel   Coolbreeze Sliding Doors with scuff-panels Crossbuck Single Swing Hinged
Windsong Equestrian Center is a beautiful 29 stall facility located in Apopka, Florida that works with special olympic children and horses. The equestrian center is equipped with Armour's Coolbreeze Sliding Doors with scuff-panels as well as Lift-out Panel. This feature allows them to remove the middle section of bars from the top half of the door and allow the horses freedom to lookout into the aisle way.

The center is also equipped with Armour "C" series (for concrete installation) stall front grilles and stall divider grilles with allow plenty of ventilation and visibility to neighboring stalls and from the aisle way.

The large front entrances feature Armour's End Barn Door Superstructures. These heavy duty aluminum frames allowed the builder to fill the doors with their own selection of stained lumber 2x6's.

Additionally, the barn exterior has installed, Crossbuck Single Swing Hinged, shutters in the "reverse fascia" position, so the "x" shows when the barn shutter is in the open position. This was chosen because the panel will be open most of the time. Window grilles, with lift out panels, keep horses from cribbing and allow horses to hang their heads out of the window opening.

Finally, the equestrian center has a small out building in which they wanted to match the two larger barns. Two sets of Crossbuck Double Dutch doors were installed, which match the Crossbuck Shutters nicely!