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Stall Vent Panels

Stall Vent Panelshorse stall ventilation panel

Close Ratio Spacing 1" Between Bars



Armour Vent Panels are an easy and inexpensive way to Increased the potential for air flow. Vent Panels can be installed into stall doors, horse stall fronts or dividing partition walls with ease. Simply removed a board or two and install the vent panel in it's place. Special design framing allows the "cover up" of cut boards and secures loose boards to the frame on one side only.

Vent Panels arrive completely assembled, ready to install, and various standard and custom sizes are available. Panels arrive with fasteners to install into standard lumber barn construction. Welds are performed at concealed location and miter cut welded corners create the best appearance. The distance between the 1" bars in these grilles is 1" however 2" and 3" between bar spacing is also available upon request.

Vent Panels are a great way to see into lower areas of foaling stalls and can be used for ventilation and socialization of foals and miniature horses too!


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Vent Panels

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Vent Panels
Vent PanelsVent PanelsVent PanelsVent Panels

Increases Air-Flow To Your Stalls Instantly!
Close Ratio Spacing 1" Between Bars

Increased air flow provides instant cooling and fresh air at all times inexpensively. Our vent panels can be installed into Doors, Stall Fronts or Divider Walls in 5 EASY STEPS!

  • Available In Different Sizes
  • Picture Frame Style
  • Reverse Miter Cut Welded Corners 
  • Welding is Performed at Concealed Locations
  • Instant Ventilation to Air Bound Stalls
  • Can be Inserted into Stall Doors or Walls
  • Allows Owner to Easily See Inside Foals Stall
  • Ventilation as well as Socialization for Foals
  • Standard Sizes - Perfect for New Construction & Stall Additions!
  • Compatible with stall walls of 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" lumber and come in any length
  • Custom Sizes - Makes Renovations a Snap!
  • Send Us Your Measurements
  • No painting required….Ever!
  • Vertical Pickets are 1" Round Schedule 40 Aluminum Tubing
  • 1" for Foal’s or Mini’s - In Between Picket Spacing Throughout Grille
  • Heavy Gauge 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/8" Thick Angle Horizontals & Verticals - Picture Framed
  • Special Design Framing Allows the Cover Up of Cut Boards & Secures Loose Boards to Frame on one side only
  • Ready to Install
  • Fasteners Provided for Lumber Installation