Horse Stall Doors

Armour offers a complete line of standard and custom sized, assembled, horse stall doors with multiple top and bottom features to choose from. Begin by selecting the door bottom option such as:


Superstructures - add your own 1-1/2" lumber

Crossbuck - includes the time honored "x" lumber installed

T&G - includes tongue and groove lumber installed

Breezewood - increase ventilation while keeping lumber fascia

Coolbreeze - includes ventilation grille or kick panel

Windsor - create your own lumber fascia

Taube - unique blend of lumber and aluminum

Endura-Panel - Durability, unique styling and expanded choices


These sliding stall doors are manufactured to fit over your 4'0" wide by 8'0" (or 7'0") high door openings. A minimum of 5-1/2" header above your 8'0" (or 7'0") opening is necessary for the track to mount.


Doors arrive completely assembled with one round 8'0" track, two ball bearing trolleys, two aluminum stops, one Super Latch, and one adjustable stay roller. All the necessary hardware is included plus fasteners for lumber barn construction installations. 


Heavy gauge non-rusting ALUMINUM and concealed welding techniques are used throughout the entire door structure. Full height 8'-0" vertical square tubing on both sides of door are added, as well as reinforced header channels, for rigidity and strength. Round pickets of 1" diameter are used on door top with a 3” between bar spacing (also known as 4” on center). Coolbreeze doors use the same 1" diameter round pickets with a 1" between bar spacing (also known as 2" on center). All aluminum used is at least 1/8" quality thickness, no thin 1/16" material is used in construction of these doors. Concealed weldments throughout door structure for the cleanest looking appearance in the horse stall industry.


Armour's aluminum no rust horse stall doors are durable in design and superior in strength. Stall doors arrive with installation instructions, heavy duty hardware in a 4'3-1/2" width x 8'0" (or 7'0") heights can be ordered online. Custom doors available by calling 800-876-7706.

Once you have chosen which sliding stall door bottom best suits your needs, select a door top option

Standard Bar Top
Lift Out Panel Top
Fold Down Panel Top

Standard Bar Top

Lift Out Panel

Fold Down Panel

Straight vertical bars

A removable top section of bars

A spring loaded, hinged, fold down section of bars

Herringbone Top
Herringbone Fold Down Top
Gossip Top

Herringbone Top

Herringbone Fold Down Top

Gossip Top

Armour's unique stall door top, it's just special!

A spring loaded, hinged, fold down section of bars paired with unique and special!

 Three symmetrically curved bars

V Top

V Top

A unique V shaped opening in the bars with concealed welds.